One week.

Wow, I cannot believe its been nearly a month since i’ve posted anything on here. Where does time fly? I think the reason i’ve failed to write anything is because i’ve been too busy soaking up the only english sun we’ve had this summer. I spent the whole of last week at the beach, getting burnt to a crisp because I seem to feel the need to have some sort of tan that isn’t fake!

Why do all teenage girls have this desire to look perfect during summer?┬áNo one seems to have a care in the world when it comes to winter, but as soon as May/June strikes, its out with the fake tan and on with the shortest shorts possible. And so what if thats what we like to do, summer is the only time of year we get to have fun with friends, and not worry about whether our studies are complete, or if we’re ready for the exams coming up.

I’ve read a large amount of blogs recently about people stereotyping teenage girls, especially us British girls. Saying how we always dress indecently during the summer time, and pile on the makeup and fake tan to look good. And I don’t think anyone is yet to realise that.. This is England. We don’t have a summer like those in LA, where its gorgeous sun for the majority of summer. We have sun for a week, maybe two if were lucky, so why shouldn’t we make the most of it.

I love summer, and I wish we had more of it here where I live, because as soon as the sun is shining, the mood is lifted instantly, and everyone is happy. I’ve been off college now for a month, and I couldn’t be happier. Its nice to have a few months to relax and do nothing, before the real work of A-Levels kick in.

So I suggest some people think before writing words of hate towards teenage girls. Let them make their own decisions from now on. Because lets face it, we don’t get to be teenagers for long