Inspirational People

by jessicajadexo

Tonight I went to the cinema to watch a film with my boyfriend. I was a bit apprehensive of the film choice, because I wasn’t too keen on the style of film it was. But I am so glad I decided to watch it, because it has opened my eyes to something big.

Katy Perry has never really inspired me as an artist, and i’ve never really followed her path, for reasons I do not know. I mean, i’ve always listened to her songs, and love her music very much, because she writes some beautiful words that have so much meaning. But for some strange reason, she’s never intrigued me much. But after watching her film ‘Katy Perry- Part Of Me’ my eyes were opened, and my opinion of the pop-star was changed dramatically. 

She is such an inspirational artist, and she isn’t one that has just ‘bought fame overnight.’ This girl has worked for it, and worked for it hard. She had been signed and dropped by record labels quite rapidly, because they never really understood her visions when on stage. But that never stopped her. She picked herself up again and again, and pursued her dream of being a world wide superstar. She was motivated, and knew what she wanted from the very beginning, and never took ‘no’ for an answer. 

I think everyone should take a leaf out of Katy Perry’s book, and realise that we can make our dreams happen, all we’ve got to do is work hard, and be prepared to sacrifice everything we’ve got. We need to see that it’s not always easy, but its do-able. Impossible should not be a word used in our vocabulary, unless its used to say ‘I’m Possible’ because you are possible, your dreams are possible, and you can make it happen. 

I also really look up to Katy Perry, because she’s not one of those melodramatic celebrities, who demands things to be done left, right and centre. She’s her own boss, and she takes things into her own hands. She treats people with respect, and I think thats why people respect her back. 

What really opened my eyes, was her ‘meet and greet’ sessions, which she did before every show, without fail. Even if she was feeling stressed, or tired, or upset, it never stopped her, because she knows how much those meet and greet sessions really mean to her fans. And its what keeps her biggest fans, her biggest fans. She was emotionally drained at one part of the film, from the stress of the tour and her split with Russell Brand, and her assistant told her that she could cancel the meet and greet so Katy could rest before she performed. But she persevered, and refused to cancel it.I think that really shows how much her fans mean to her.

The lyrics she writes are unbelievably beautiful, and have so much meaning. Theres always reasoning behind what she’s writing about, and I know a lot of them relate to me personally. Her writing is so unique and unusual, which is what makes her so original. Theres only one of her type out there, and I really believe that.

“If its not like the movies
 Thats how it should be
 When he’s the one, i’ll come undone
 And my world will stop spinning.”

So Katy Perry is my inspiration. I will always look up to her, and follow her values of life, because they make sense to me. I am so glad I went to see this film today. It really has changed my life.