The Male Species.

by jessicajadexo

“Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus.”

I could not agree more. I still fail to understand the male species, because they are so different to us women. I never really realised how much we differ as people, but after moving to college I was in for a massive surprise.

I previously studied at a Grammar school for girls, so I never really mixed with boys at all. Yes I had male friends, but I never got to see them in school around their friends. I assumed that by the time I transferred to college to start my A-Levels, the boys that I would meet would have a sense of maturity about them.

I was horribly wrong.

Girls mature around the age of 16, so I assumed boys wouldn’t be far behind. But apparently, that’s not strictly true. They just don’t understand how to behave politely and with dignity, but instead find humour in punching each other and throwing food from one end of the cafe to the other.

I found myself spending my friday night with a group of 17-year-old boys (6 to be exact). I was spending the weekend at my boyfriend’s house, but after much determination, he managed to persuade me to have his friends over for a ‘boys night in’. I was fine with it, even though I’m not exactly keen on the people he’d invited, I was happy that he wanted to spend time with his friends too.

They arrived before I did, because I decided it would be a good idea to leave them to it for a couple of hours first, so I went out and saw some family friends. But at about 8.30, I turned up at my boyfriend’s house, thinking they’d be watching TV or just sat chatting. Apparently, that’s not what teenage boys do. I walked into the kitchen to find them all on the floor punching each other, and ‘bundling’ on top of one another. You would have thought these boys were in the playground of a middle school, not a group of teenagers taking their A-Levels at college!

But it made me think, why do boys find things like this funny? You would never see a group of teenage girls ‘bundling’ on the kitchen floor. I thought after having a boyfriend for over a year, I’d know how they work. But no, the male species are completely alien to me.