Extended Family.

by jessicajadexo

About a week ago, I took a trip to Devon with my Mum and younger Brother, as well as my Mums best friends family: Her 3 daughters, her brother and his girlfriend, and their 2 daughters, and her Mum (my ‘pretend’ Nanna).

There was 12 of us in total, so yes, it was a little bit crazy, but it was great being part of another family and feeling comfortable around them. There were 5 adults, 6 children (and me). The children were all girls, apart from my brother, and they were aged 3, 4, 5, 6 and 11. Being with that many children was hard work, because you’re constantly on the lookout and keeping account of who’s with who, and where everybody is.

But actually, the trip was really enjoyable. We went swimming, played on the bungee trampolines, went to watch shows, took a short trip to the (rather wet) beach, and also visited ‘Crealy Adventure Park’ for the day. Going away for the weekend gave me the opportunity to take some pictures of everyone, and I thought i’d share a few with you.

Its amazing how much you can love a group of people who aren’t even related to you. I’d do anything for these people, because they mean so much to me:


These are my favourite photographs from the weekend in Devon. I love my extended family more than ever.